Happiness and Flourishing Course


What motivates you in life? Is it Success, Money, Happiness, Flourishing?

If you are looking to find Happiness and flourishing and you haven’t quite found it yet then you are in the right place.

Maybe you’ve read some books about flourishing or maybe you just try to build some new long lasting skills then this course is just right for you.
I hope you already know that flourishing and happiness doesn’t just land on you lap, you need to work at it every single day. It is not a spectator sport and it’s a lot harder to than everyone says.

So you’re left wondering… what went wrong?
Hundreds of “wellbeing products” —apps, books, coaching, etc…— are being created all the time, but few of these have much evidence behind them.

The truth is that you could start flourishing tomorrow… if you knew the right steps to take, to build the right skills. The skills that lead to flourishing.

When you build the right skills—skills like positivity, resilience, mindfulness, and others—you can start to generate more positive emotions, a sense of meaning, and, well, flourishing.

And all it takes is knowing what to do and how to do it.

When you build these skills, flourishing start to get easier. With enough time, these skills can get so easy you don’t even have to think about it anymore… like riding a bike!

Flourishing just exists, effortlessly.

As soon as you get this… you can begin moving toward your desired destination.… FLOURISHING.
In this course you will gain clarity on your definition of happiness, Identify your strengths to better seize opportunities, Learn how to use cognitive reappraisal and learn how to thrive even in negative situations. You will also explore how your beliefs affect your happiness, Improve your views of your self and your potential and work on increasing self-awareness and acceptance.